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Conrad Prebys Theatre Centre at the Old Globe – Balboa Park, San Diego, California

Old Globe Theatre With LMN Architects of Seattle, Washington

This complete makeover for the heavily used plaza at the famous Old Globe Theatre in San Diego’s Balboa Park included re-grading and re-design of the existing plaza to accommodate increased use and accessibility, concurrent with the new, state of the art Conrad Prebys Theatre Center, a 20-million dollar replacement of the old Cassius Carter Theatre. Demolition began in July of 2008 and construction was completed in December of 2009. During large events, the plaza is filled with over 1500 people.

Design work included granite paving, interlocking pavers and high quality, sand-finished concrete in a radiating pattern.  The plaza includes an outdoor dining pavilion and trellis, banquette seating, bronze inlay, lighting, audio-visual hook-ups, landscape planting, irrigation and site furnishings.

The grade in the middle of the plaza was dropped 21 inches to improve the sense of arrival from Balboa Park’s Prado. David Reed Landscape Architects was heavily involved throughout the entire project, including construction.

Approvals for the project were required from several jurisdictional groups and agencies, at the Federal and local levels.

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Veterans Memorial Garden – Balboa Park, San Diego, California

Veteran's Memorial GardenWith Austin Veum Robbins Partners

This 1.1 acre garden in San Diego’s Balboa Park celebrates the contributions to our freedom made by our Veterans. The design is comprised of 3 components; a land, air and sea garden, united by a central gathering place and a small amphitheatre. The design of the Veteran’s Circle represents the principles of Honor, Duty and Country. Quotes from past Presidents are inlaid with bronze letters in colored terrazzo paving. An 18-foot bronze replica of the B-24 Liberator Bomber hovers above a reflecting pool, which mirrors the night sky, often used by navigators during night time bombing runs. During the height of World War II, San Diego was churning out 100 bombers a week.

The amphitheater made from local cobble and concrete, can sit up to 50 visitors for docent talks.  A row of flags representing all branches of service and POW/MIA’s flies high above the walk that joins the Veterans Center to the garden. Accessible routes were designed from 3 directions.  Five Bronze plaques tell the story of the garden, its donors and The B-24’s and the Bomb groups who donated to the garden.

Visitors are greeted by rows of red and white border roses, accented by cobalt blue Agapanthus in waves resembling our national flag. The poppy garden, designed with Flanders Poppies, the symbol of Veterans’ organizations, brings a sense of annual renewal. The design required careful siting around and protection of seven large Podocarpus trees, all over 70 years of age.

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Lake Murray Park Playground – San Diego, California

Lake Murray Playground Project Lake Murray used to have a playground, but it got old and went away….
The Community couldn’t accept that.  Working with a determined group of Mom’s and Dad’s, a.k.a. the Lake Murray Park Playground Project, we have facilitated the design of a wonderful playground structure and surroundings, in this 3 acre section of Lake Murray Park in San Diego.

The project was 3 years in the making. Our role during the planning and design phase was to provide graphic support, design of the site, paving and donor tiles immediately outside the playground and accessibility improvements. The beautifully rendered plans added credibility to the project and assisted with fundraising and grant writing. The Moms and Dads designed the playground with the manufacturer. Our work also included submittals (to the Park and Recreation Department) of the accessibility improvements that were required before this project could be implemented.

The Community raised over $250,000 in construction funds for this project. When all the funds were raised and the city had made their improvements, we had a community build day scheduled. The City’s portion of the work had to be publically contracted and took a few months to bid and a few more to build. An entire weekend was planned for the community build of the playground, but the community efforts were so successful the project was completed by 11:30 a.m. Saturday.

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Mulberry Park – Otay Ranch, Chula Vista, California

Mulberry Park - Otay Ranch, Chula Vista, CaliforniaDesign work and site construction for this 1 acre neighborhood park includes a tot lot, basketball court, curved trellises, play lawn, specimen white fruiting Persian Mulberry trees and a rainbow of flowering trees & shrubs in pinks, blues, reds, yellows and white. Construction was completed July, 2007.

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Hillsborough Park – Otay Ranch, Chula Vista, California

Hillsborough Park at Otay Ranch - Chula Vista, CaliforniaNestled squarely in the middle of the Village of Hillsborough at Otay Ranch, this 1+ acre park is truly a neighborhood focus. The sloping site required careful finessing of grades to maximize function and play, while maintaining a safe environment for children. Site features include a large play structure, and curving steel trellis, post-tensioned basketball court, large sculpted play lawns and dense border plantings.

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Casa Del Rey Moro Gardens – Balboa Park, San Diego, California

Casa Del Rey Moro Gardens - Balboa Park, San Diego, California

1998   The National Trust for Historic Preservation, 1998 National Preservation Honor Award.

1998   The American Institute of Architects, California Council, 1998 Honor Award for Excellence in Historic Reconstruction.

1998   California Preservation Foundation Design Award for Restoration.

1998   City of San Diego, Historic Site Board, Grand Award of Excellence for Historic Preservation, presented to Architect Milford Wayne Donaldson. David Reed, Landscape Architects performed Design Restoration.

1998   California Preservation Design Award.

Complete restoration, including fountains, walls, walks, lighting, and formal landscape in the historic gardens that were part of the 1935 Exposition in the center of Balboa Park.

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Wisteria Park – Chula Vista, California

Wisteria Park - Chula Vista, CaliforniaThis park design is intended to draw from the traditions of small town America and the grandeur of 19th Century parks. A first class modern play structure is at the very center of the park, with gathering space, tables and benches under a curving pergola. A vestigial orchard flanks the main entry. The remainder of the park is devoted to curving paths and gently rolling lawns inviting passive or active use. The park opened in March, 2001.

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Waring Road Median Enhancements – Allied Gardens, San Diego, California

Waring Road Median Enhancements - Allied Gardens, San Diego, CaliforniaA 2 mile long garden-like median enhancement requiring extensive community involvement, complete with enhanced paving, community signage, flag and lighting.

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Jacaranda Park – Otay Ranch, Chula Vista, California

Jacaranda ParkThere are few sights more transformative than a street full of Jacaranda trees in bloom. This 1-1/2 acre park is surrounded by Jacaranda trees two and three rows deep (There are 65 in all). The large oval play lawn is appointed with a promenade, trellises and a large play structure. Formal garden elements mark the corners of the site.

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Grand Avenue Median Improvements – Pacific Beach, California

Grand Avenue Median Improvements - Pacific Beach, CaliforniaThe gateway to Pacific Beach, this median design emulates the patterns in beach sands exposed by the ebb and flow of the tides. Strands of pavement are seeded with mica, to sparkle in the sunlight just as the beach does. Waves of feather grass, emulating sea grass, are the thematic planting element.

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El Cajon Blvd. – San Diego, California

El Cajon Blvd.A 1.5-mile section of this vital artery was dug up for the mid City pipeline, a new 48″ diameter water pipeline feed to the City and a subsidiary 16″ water main. Afterwards, the heart of the College area community was restored with a new landscaped median and community signs with solar powered lighting. Part way through the project, the City’s Landscape Advisor (R.E.) took ill.  David was asked to step in and fulfill his duties for the remainder of the contract. Drifts of flowering shrubs and groundcovers in rich colors and textures offset a maintenance strip built to emulate native cobblestone. The tree palette offers flowers in Spring and Summer, and fall foliage color.


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The Reconstruction of India Street – Little Italy, San Diego, California

The Reconstruction of India Street - Little Italy, San Diego, CaliforniaA 3/4 mile long street reconstruction in the heart of Little Italy, including piazzas, enhanced street and sidewalk paving, public art, signage, landscape and lighting, requiring extensive community involvement. The first phase of work was completed in 1999.

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Broadway Tile Replacements – San Diego, California

Broadway Tile Replacements - San Diego, CaliforniaA major sidewalk and streetscape renovation over basement encroachments in the heart of downtown San Diego.

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Dolphin Beach Remodel at Eastlake – Chula Vista, California

Dolphin Bay Swim ClubThis makeover for a 3-1/2 acre swim club in the heart of Eastlake included: new tile paving, colored and stained concrete paving and new furnishings, to create a resort feel and upgrade the facility.

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The Children’s Discovery Garden for the Water Conservation Garden at Cuyamaca College – El Cajon, California

Children's Discovery GardenThis proposed addition to the Water Conservation Garden resulted from a workshop of distinguished participants, including child development experts, and is designed to increase water use and conservation awareness in children.

The fanciful journey through this garden features an amphitheater with butterfly shades, an intermittent rain curtain, a cave, a small lagoon with shadoufs, a dry alluvial fan, a large treehouse and a children’s play station.

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Hillel of UCSD/La Jolla – La Jolla, California

HillelWith M. W. Steele Group

In the planning phase; will be a LEED certified project. Landscape improvements surround and appoint a proposed Jewish Student Center at the University of California San Diego. Improvements include a public park space with a bike and pedestrian trail, using Torrey Pine trees and an all native plant palette.

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Moonlight Amphitheater – City of Vista, California

Moonlight Ampitheater - City of Vista, CaliforniaDesign and construction documents for various site improvements to existing facility including new orchestra pit and entry, backstage parking and loading dock.

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Van Dyke Alley Pedestrian Plaza

Van Dyke Alley Pedestrian Plazafor the City Heights Community Development Corporation

This proposed alley closure is designed to create a new urban pocket plaza in the City Heights neighborhood of San Diego for events, outdoor gathering, a possible marketplace, and a pedestrian connection to El Cajon Boulevard, all from a blighted alley. Design included brightly colored interlocking pavers, a 2 story cabled vine arbor, enhanced lighting and a Street tree and lighting plan for the entire block.

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Carmel Mountain Ranch Library – San Diego, California

Carmel Mountain Ranch LibraryAdditional planting and landscape improvements at one of San Diego’s newest Branch libraries.

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Mission Bay Sports Complex – Mission Bay, San Diego, California

Mission Bay Sports ComplexWork for this sports complex included a Landscape Master Plan and renderings for on site improvements for the long term tenant, the Mission Bay Sports Center.

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Allied Gardens Little League – San Diego, California

Allied Gardens Little League - San Diego, CaliforniaMaster planning, ballfield improvements and landscape concept for an existing 4-1/2 acre site. Work included siting of future buldings, bleachers, picnic and play areas, circulation and parking, batting cages and entry monuments.

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Bel Etage/Savenna Park Improvements – San Diego County, California

Bel-EtageSome consulting and a preliminary park design for a gated community sorrounded by open space, wildlands and wetlands.

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University Gardens Neighborhood Park – University City, San Diego, California

University Gardens ParkCompletion of this 6 acre Neighborhood park included a revised General Development Plan, with design of a playground/tot lot, parking lot, ball field expansion, picnic area and natural trail.

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