Lake Murray Park Playground – San Diego, California

Lake Murray Playground Project Lake Murray used to have a playground, but it got old and went away….
The Community couldn’t accept that.  Working with a determined group of Mom’s and Dad’s, a.k.a. the Lake Murray Park Playground Project, we have facilitated the design of a wonderful playground structure and surroundings, in this 3 acre section of Lake Murray Park in San Diego.

The project was 3 years in the making. Our role during the planning and design phase was to provide graphic support, design of the site, paving and donor tiles immediately outside the playground and accessibility improvements. The beautifully rendered plans added credibility to the project and assisted with fundraising and grant writing. The Moms and Dads designed the playground with the manufacturer. Our work also included submittals (to the Park and Recreation Department) of the accessibility improvements that were required before this project could be implemented.

The Community raised over $250,000 in construction funds for this project. When all the funds were raised and the city had made their improvements, we had a community build day scheduled. The City’s portion of the work had to be publically contracted and took a few months to bid and a few more to build. An entire weekend was planned for the community build of the playground, but the community efforts were so successful the project was completed by 11:30 a.m. Saturday.

Lake Murray Playground Project Lake Murray Playground Project

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