Friars Village – San Diego, California

Friar's Village Work included a completely new Landscape Master Plan for the entire 44 acre site, built circa 1971, which responded to the City of San Diego’s order for a substantial conformance review. At the same time, replacement plantings for missing and aging trees, shrubs and groundcover were designed to completely update the look of the Community. Extensive liaison with the City was required, including a review of the original CUP (Conditional Use Permit) documents, submittals and plan check corrections through approvals.
The proposed plant palette includes new, drought tolerant and xeriphytic plant species, which still provide continuity, color and texture to the landscape. A new Tree Master Plan was included. Turf areas were greatly reduced and replaced with low drought tolerant and procumbent groundcovers.

Friar's Village Fountain Friar's Village Friar's Village Friar's Village Friar's Village Friars Village Friar's Village Friar's Village
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